Interculturality at work

Do you work abroad? Are you planning to expand into Latin America, Africa or the Caribbean? If your working environment is multicultural, our offer is for you! By approaching these topics from an artistic perspective, we offer you the opportunity to develop innovative strategies to face the challenges of tomorrow's world.

Culture allows us to take a different look at the economic, societal and environmental challenges of our society. Applied to the business world, it leads to a change in our perceptions of internal challenges (better team cohesion, employee motivation and well-being, professional fulfilment of your employees) and external challenges (local knowledge, brand image and social commitment). 

Discover Africa, Latin America and their diasporas, in line with your activities and values, through an artistic and multicultural approach.

Training Art & Interculturality

Train your teams to better understand the cultural universe of your clients. Through our cultural workshops, discover local issues in an original and dynamic way through the prism of art! 

Training Cultural Mediation

Introduce your employees to public speaking through cultural mediation. Stimulate your employees' open-mindedness, creativity and self-confidence!

Expo RETRO : an original project assessment

Celebrate the end of a company project in the form of a real retrospective exhibition! Step by step, we guide your teams in creating the themes of an exhibition that is consistent with the project carried out within the company.

Artistic interventions

Highlight your commitment through the support of artists. In the form of creative workshops related to your issues and in line with your values, exhibitions in your offices, meetings with our artists or even in situ residencies, discover the contemporary scene.