Concepts and definitions in the art world and in art history are often though in relationship to the West. It results in a geocentric vision of art, where many artists cruelly lack (cruelly) of visibility. If there is a center, there are peripheries, multiple and complex ones, to which it defines itself. It has become now imperative to experiment new forms of sharing to broaden the vision of art. The concepts of contemporary art and design must be rethought/reevaluated in a larger context with an open look to the world.

Created by Cindy Olohou and Vincent Kohly, Wasanii Ya Leo is an agency that mobilizes professionals from the art world. WYL offers a service of expertise in contemporary art to every actor of the economic and artistic world: cultural engineering, eve and research, art market consultancy, artist representation, curatorship, etc.  

Wasanii Ya Leo is also a thinking space, a crossroad that centralizes the questions regarding contemporary art, which brings us to rethink the terms and concepts attached/linked to art history.

​Thanks to an approach founded in exchange and kindness, Wasanii Ya Leo promotes a new artistic cartography connecting/linking different regions between them. We believe that diversity is a force and that she may allow making common world for mutual enrichment.  

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